“Wow what a gorgeous presentation. Gave this as a gift - my fiancé was blown away! THANK YOU!”

R.,Big Lake, TX (verified purchase)

"Love it! Love the box and the design and what’s in it is even better - what a wonderful product you made! And thanks Moni for answering my email so fast! Great customer service! Love the podcast!”

Barbara, Rosendale, NY

"I love it, but wish it wasn’t so expensive. Make me think of my grandma who always said you get what you pay for..”

Elizabeth-Anne, Paris, TN (verified purchase)

“Worth every penny! I thought CBD just doesn’t work for me - tried so many ways - with this I know within a few days that it really helped me. Don’t even want to be without! well done super botanicals - this is a winner!”

Sergio, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
Super Botanicals


”I am fighting with menopause and it just kills my sleep! I fall asleep but then wake up and can’t get back to sleep. This product has given me back my life! I take one spoonful (cute spoons btw) and I am fast asleep until morning. I knew after 3 nights I need this in my life forever! Thank you guys!”

Lynn, Roosevelt, NJ (verified purchase)

"I have tried so many CBD things. This is the first one that actually works!”

E.B. Nottingham, WV (verified purchase)

“Love honey - love this even more! Tastes just like honey but with a hint of cannabis - which is quite pleasant. I put it in my morning tea and sometimes also in my nightly G&T! Chill all day, I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore (it’s like I love myself more! lol) and such a pleasant deep sleep at night. It is pricey for me but boy it is so worth it, My favorite wellness purchase probably of ever!” 

Merriam, Beekman, NY

“Better than anything comparable in price that you get at a dispensary! I have tried a lot of brands - some really crappy, some ok - but very few exceptional - this is one of the few! Keep it up guys - this stuff is great!”

fred, NY, NY